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Condensing Multiple Carts into One Cart

    Dec 23 2011 16:27:08


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    The other day I was looking at Mal's pages that I was not aware of because my site ran smooth for so long. I noticed Mal's 3rd party add on page has a shipping calculator that sounds like it might solve my multiple cart problem. Anyone using it that could tell me would be much appreciated. I have also spent the last few months working on redoing the site. Not much time like in the beginning and learning CSS has been really difficult for me going from a strictly html site. Then I checked with merchantmoms where I am hosted and they have CS cart or merchantmoms cart which will probably work better. But I think I need to lean even more computer languages than just the html and CSS. Anyone know of any tutorials how to integrate these carts with Mal's will also be greatly appreciated.

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