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Re:Condensing Multiple Carts into One Cart

    Sep 13 2011 19:43:28


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    GT - thank you for your input. I agree 100%. I did notice some of our search terms were not high in the search engines anymore and I would like a more streamlined design for the site. Anymore input on these using as little of your time as possible will be welcome. I know your time valuable. I'm still thinking it isn't possible to make it all into one shopping cart.

    reychirino - I'd l;ike to explain the minimum order, we used to receive chargebacks only on orders that were $25-40. We concluded that people not wanting to get caught doing fraudulent things were just thinking that "it's not a lot and maybe they won't try to dispute it." We disputed them and won every one. It wasn't worth the time though as it cost us $200 an hour at the time. We looked at our order averages and for several years there was 10 orders average a month that were in the $25-40 range while 90 were averaging over $110. Several months a year orders that were $3000-5000 took a lot of customer service time. We felt it was better to cut out the $250-400 in sales that was subject to many chargebacks and spend the time on better customer service for the other 90 people. It worked as we could tell from the feedback we were getting. And it cut chargebacks down to people who just forgot they ordered from us and later some apologized.