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Re:Condensing Multiple Carts into One Cart

    Sep 14 2011 11:17:35


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    I had implemented the minimum over 2 years before order started dropping off.

    Many people are able to figure out that it is a "shopping mall" and to shop in one store at a time. We only have had maybe 10 people since we have been in business ask about it. Others have called up and I put the items into 1 cart for them over the phone which I know isn't ideal for repeat orders. For the people who cannot figure things out and do not speak up, I am definitely willing to try a redesign. Some of your ideas are things I will consider strongly. To separate the individual stores in a more clearly defined way is a big improvement to say the least.

    I'm not sure how the multi product forms would help as there are hundreds of items on the site with a main page for each manufacturer. When feasible there are links to individual items with more descriptions from the manufacturer pages. I did notice the no cart feature you suggested to another member and played with it. I think it is cool and would certainly require a total redesign to implement but very helpful and time saving for shoppers. I could change my VIEW CART buttons to CHECK OUT buttons (or just add them) and make them more visible with no cart.

    I am also making over the international pages. I only have an "index" page for each of 4 international stores that couldn't shop from the individual item pages since they were only linked to the US pages. I have it about 1/2 done tonight covering 3 of these stores.

    As for shipping, there are at least 20 vendors all over the country who drop ship for me plus what I ship from here. Shipping weights range from under a pound to pallets and large furniture or food orders that can weigh several hundred pounds going by freight carriers. Shippers range from usps, FedEx, UPS, ABF, SAIA, Yellow to whoever else is out there. So the heavy stuff I calibrate at a much lower rate per pound than the lightweight since that's how it ends up being with the shippers. Large orders can cost hundreds of $$ to ship so a little error can cost me alot while the small orders that also ship by ground, 3,2 or 1 day can also cost alot if it's not calibrated right. Express rates are multiples of ground so if ground is off it just multiplies the loss on Express.

    Now that I have possibly made it sound impossible is why I came here to brainstorm. It may be that there isn't a feasible solution. Or maybe shipping option 8 would work if I knew how to use it?

    Thank you very much for taking all the time to consider and explain all that you have!