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nofollow tags

    Sep 22 2011 15:23:45


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    I have noticed the last month or so that I have an enormous amount of errors logged in my control panel. partial links or links with strange characters within them. Today for the first time in a long time it showed the web site the links originated from. I went to the site and someone had copy and pasted several of my pages without permission and then posted a link back to me. I looked at the pages source codes and the links were correct and followed by a tag (if that is the right word) called nofollow (which I wasn't familiar witth) and then the taget_blank (which I am familiar with). Does this no follow thing have anything to do with directing people to the error page? I am at my wit's end trying to figure out why there are so many errors logging and might just redirect them to my home page. I have checked and rechecked all my internal links using CODA and linkchecker software so I know it's not my errors anymore. Any ideas to remedy will be greatly appreciated. Or do I just live with it?

    Sep 22 2011 15:43:17



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    no follow is for a bot.

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    Sep 22 2011 16:47:18



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    Were the copied pages product pages and if so were the prices correct?

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    Sep 22 2011 17:09:36


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    They were info pages with no pricing. On my info pages I link to product pages, but all those links were left off the copied pages.