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Shopping Cat Database

    Nov 22 2011 16:35:11


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    That was supposed to be "Shipping Cart Database" in the subject line.

    I remember reading posts some years ago now where some people were using another option along with Mal's to create a database for the items they sell. Was it called option cart? or something else? Anyway I wanted to also look into this possibility as I am told it makes site searches much easier than the site search engines provided with the web space. I Do not want to replace Mal's because it has the features I need for CC processing. If anyone can get me up to date on this information I would greatly appreciate it.

    Nov 23 2011 22:47:41



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    I am an authorized reseller for OptionCart SiteBuilder. Send me a PM and I can get you the information that you need.