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Re:New Web Site Design

    May 23 2013 09:24:02


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    Thank you Debbie and GT!

    Thank you for your encouragement and support Debbie!!!!! I My stepson talked me into the makeover along with all the input I received on Mal's and I believe it needed to be done 100% It's been a few days longer than a month since the relaunch and orders dropped way off. But everything I read about SEO says that is not uncommon for the first 1-3 months after a relaunch. Time will tell.

    GT - thanks for all your advice and time!!!!! I checked all of the links out you posted for me and will have to work on them one at a time.

    I guess the temporary server was a lot faster and didn't realize once it launched the pages had gotten so slow. (I also noticed in cpanel it now says I am on a shared server. I thought people processing CC are not supposed to be on shared servers???)

    I am using the validator on my international side of the site so I can work on it there and then make the same corrections on the US side. Problem: most of the warnings are in the merchantmom's system not in my template so I can't change them. How bad is that? And I was able to get the errors down from almost 80 to 27 so far, warnings are down from 183 to 151. A find on the page shows most of them " />" are in the MM system. Oh and if you look at the International page compared to the US page they are not clones anymore. International looks all botched up.

    As for the copyscape thing Acu-Ring was a last minute item I added about 2 a.m. half asleep that the manufacturer didn't care about since I sell about 200 of their items. But I changed that copy. The rest of the web sites copied MY copyrighted material. I find it all the time mostly because they are linking to me and copying so I see the hits.

    GT you would find the newest products taht I added after the launch to show up on page 4. But knowing you, you could get them #1 right away. What would you charge me to fix all this stuff? I have seriously neglected my health learning all the new stuff for a year then rebuilding for 15 months and don't really have anything left in me to keep at it along with all my homeschool and other responsibilities.

    In the merchantmoms system there i sno way to put a no follow tag on only one page. It has to go in the template and would show up on every page.

    I have generated about 10 xml sitemaps since the launch and none show any broken links but I will look into what you are saying.

    In fact I just copy and pasted both of your responses in my mail draft so I can access it without logging into Mal's.