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Re:New Web Site Design

    May 30 2013 21:38:13


    Yahweh's Alive & Well

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    all the page load testers I used before I launched the site said pages took between 1 and 3 seconds to load.
    right now today from google analytics:

    Avg. Page Load Time (sec) 3.08
    Avg. Redirection Time (sec) 0.06
    Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec) 0.03
    Avg. Server Connection Time (sec) 0.04
    Avg. Server Response Time (sec) 0.49
    Avg. Page Download Time (sec) 0.26

    What does this mean in comparison to what you posted and what should I be looking to improve GT? It sure is a lot of technical stuff today. OIH !