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    Feb 26 2014 18:25:53


    Alive & Well

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    Sorry GT when I copy and pasted the link it had the /pages still on it. should have been but you could still click on an item and test it out.

    I do have my php panel and MYSQL. Coming really far since I started rebuilding the site but not enough to do that yet.

    I guess I will eventually look into OpenCart like you keep recommending to me. When I first started rebuilding the site, Mal wasn't compatible with OpenCart. Then after you started helping me with stuff, it showed up in the Third Party Add-ons.

    Debbie, I don't really need to do it through paypal, as I run the CC when I process the orders. That is the reason I have stayed with Mal's since I got large enough to buy my first credit card terminal years ago and now just process online through SagePay.

    Realistically all I need is the proper php files to do it and I will be good to go then.

    Thank you both for all your help!

    Later Edit:

    I emailed my web host and she was not aware of a way to do this. But further looking I found an option feature on each and every item that will allow me to do it! So once I tweak the php to place the drop down where I want it, I just have to paste the info into each item in the php panel. Voila!

    And I just am reminded that redoing the site is going to drop me to the bottom of the search engines AGAIN. So I am not going to attempt yet another site makeover. Sorry GT but I can't afford to go through that again.