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url redirects

    May 07 2014 02:05:43


    Alive & Well

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    I have a whole slew of redirects since I relaunched my site. My problem today is that there are a few I added today that simply will not work and I cannot figure out why.

    I am trying to get rid of duplicate items because they are different sizes, some are discounted and some are not. I finally figured out a way to make this happen. But when I try redirect the duplicate item to the one I am going to keep, it stays on the first page instead of redirecting. It is because the entire url is identical except for the item # ?


    will not redirect to

    May 07 2014 02:38:56


    Debbie Q

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    How are you redirecting?

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    May 07 2014 12:37:48


    Alive & Well

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    Using the redirect screen in cpanel. There are several hundred redirects I posted that way already that do work.