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Re:Hover coding

    Oct 19 2014 17:57:21


    Alive & Well

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    Geoff, I had done the coding in my program not live. Now I tried it live and you were right it works! Thank you!!!!!!!! yahwehsaliveandwell DOTCOM
    I also removed the point size and now the green navigation boxes are small. It looks weird on the page at least it doesn't look like your screen shot Debbie. Maybe the screen shot you posted is why there has been such a high bounce rate since the relaunch? This is the first CSS site I ever did and it sure has been annoying trying to to make it work right. I don't know how to test all browsers. Any suggestions on the tiny buttons? At least the HOVER TEXT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    My browsers I tested with the original template before Geoff's fix above, are Firefox, Safari, Opera and Webmonkey. They all worked ok for me on my computer at my screen resolution so I could only guess that people's resolution plays a part in what the view looks like also????

    Should I use % instead of pixels for type?