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google adsense not working

    Mar 23 2015 14:22:16


    Alive & Well

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    Can anyone help me figure out why the adsense script isn't working on this site I'm helping a client with? http://www.wikinovel DOT net/

    Mar 23 2015 18:19:09



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    Check Your Google Adsense ads profile and make sure that the there are no issues in the ads serving on your page.

    Check if your pages have fair content and have not being filtered under Google's filter which automatically stops serving ads or pages as per their desire.

    I would fix all HTML errors for a starter:

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    Mar 23 2015 22:52:01


    Alive & Well

    Join date : 2008-10-01      Posts : 123

    Thank you GT. I had run the validator to see if it might have been something it would catch and saw those other errors as well. It's possibly what you said about filters because he doesn't have a lot of content yet.