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Re:PayPal unverified payments in red

    Oct 06 2016 21:46:10


    Alive & Well

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    I HAVE a paypal account and my last 2 payments didn't say verified or not. Fortunately they were previous customers from when I used to take Sage Payments so I knew I could trust them and I took the payments. Now I am not taking Sage because I've had 2 huge chargebacks this year, both American Express who used to be my best card to take. The larger cb was $992 and American Express initially gave me a verbal ok to process the order on a 3-way conference call with the customer. They record all calls but it doesn't mean anything when there is a chargeback. Customer finally returned part of the shipment after 2 months so is not entitled to a full refund and Amex won't do anything to fix it on their end. Fortunately I was able to get the money back by signing an unauthorized ACH form with my credit union. Now Sage is bugging me for the complete refund. They can take a hike!