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Perfectionist 101

    Jun 28 2017 01:24:18


    Alive & Well

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    Am I being too picky? When I started using a CMS in 2010 or so I didn't know how to use the php panel. Since I learned shortly after it bugs me that the numbers for the "items" in the php file are not in sync with the alphabetical name. Is there a short way to renumber them to make them sync or is this just not realistic to do with sites. I have about 700 items for sale.

    Jun 28 2017 18:22:23



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    Wrong forum... Ask the folk you got the CMS from...

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    Jul 01 2017 10:32:58


    Alive & Well

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    They already told me it doesn't matter since nobody viewing the site will notice. But people viewing most likely don't know anything about php panels. And they most likely wouldn't care if I was being picky or not. I am looking for honest opinions from people who know about this stuff, not web surfers who don't care about if a php panel is organized or not. That's why I came here to ask.