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    Jun 05 2017 15:26:24



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    I have several items for a registration form.

    Here is the code being used.
    <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="qty1" size="2"> Platinum sponsor: $1,000.00 (1 only)
    <input type="hidden" name="product1" value="Platinum Sponsor">
    <input type="hidden" name="price1" value="1000.00">
    <br />
    <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="qty2" size="2"> Gold sponsor: $750.00 (1 only)
    <input type="hidden" name="product2" value="Gold Sponsor">
    <input type="hidden" name="price2" value="750.00">

    i have use a similar code the problem is with adding the number at the end of qty, product and price.

    How do i differentiate between each of the listings?

    If i leave off the number it only chooses one value.

    How do do 16 items that have different pricing and eliminate the Syntaxerror of Puice not set?

    Jun 08 2017 15:04:07



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    We are happy clients for our own online coffee store and my daughter currently uses the basic Mals store set-up for her online cookie shop store page ( see here: ).

    That has grown and we found out she can now integrate with (her in-store POS) now with the Mals Premium Cart option. Great! So we are wanting to upgrade her from BASIC to PREMIUM to do that. Already registered the app on your site and so on.

    One question though, when I tried to pay for the one year Mals Premium using her business debit card (and that's fine, not an issue), at checkout with PayPal, the cart says she has to have a PayPal account to use this feature (if she doesn't already have one).

    She doesn't have a PayPal account and frankly doesn't want one. She just wants her on-line Mals Cart Premium sales to go through her account.

    Are we missing something?

    Jun 13 2017 18:55:58


    Nigel B

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    Eway Rapid have advised me that from August older protocols like tls 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer work. It must now be TLS 1.2 protocol

    How can I find out what protocol is being used with Mals?


    Jun 18 2017 18:57:53



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    Is there a way to view what a customer receives without placing a full order and paying for it myself?

    Jun 18 2017 19:09:35



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    Is it possible to have a customized email notification that is specific to a particular Coupon Code or is it possible to have individual customer email notification for each product type?

    Jun 19 2017 14:48:07



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    Hello, I'm unable to find an existing top on this... I am using Option 7 shipping and our chart calculates shipping cost based on order value.

    So it's like this:

    GROUND - Up to 20____$9.00, The next 15 ____$1.00, the next 15 ____$3.00

    NEXT DAY AIR - Up to 20____$45.00, The next 15 ____$10.00, the next 15 ____$10.00

    SECOND DAY AIR - ...........and so on.................

    What is the best way to offer free shipping for all GROUND shipping selections?

    Temporarily change the GROUND to be $0 and change it back after the promotion is over?

    Jun 19 2017 17:49:18



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    I only sell 2 different types of items on my site.
    Shoes and Plates.
    For the shoes it is a flat shipping of $6 no matter how many they purchase in the USA. The shoe to Canada I would like charge actual price for the shoes.

    The plate also ships for $6 in the USA. To Canada is $17 per plate.
    I am having a hard time figuring out how to do the Canada shipping.

    Is this even possible?


    Jun 24 2017 22:58:22



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    I know this topic has been covered before, but I'm not clued up enough with javascript to understand the answer.

    My website purchase page is here:

    the first three items I'm selling on there have optional features which can cost more. At the moment I've got it set using the cart simply, the optional features appear as additional items in the cart. I'm ok with this, but it would be nicer if they would appear under their parent item and their extra price added to the item price.

    I know that there is a script on this page that is meant to do just that, but I don't understand enough to know what I need to parse out of that page.

    All the js on my current page has been lifted from tutorials on stackoverflow etc.

    So if someone is willing and able to assist me on how to do this, that would be very much appreciated!!


    Jun 25 2017 18:19:30



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    For some reason the wrong code is being passed to PayPal when "Checkout as Guest" is selected. Despite addresses and payment being set to the UK if a customer selects "Checkout as Guest" the shipping information presented by PayPal defaults to the US.

    When checking the data actually passed to PayPal, presumably by Mal's Cart, the locale code is "lc=GB" this is incorrect the correct data should be "lc=en_GB".

    Anyone know how to pass the right code?

    Jun 28 2017 01:24:18


    Alive & Well

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    Am I being too picky? When I started using a CMS in 2010 or so I didn't know how to use the php panel. Since I learned shortly after it bugs me that the numbers for the "items" in the php file are not in sync with the alphabetical name. Is there a short way to renumber them to make them sync or is this just not realistic to do with sites. I have about 700 items for sale.

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