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    Jul 28 2017 00:13:50



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    For the checkout fields I have used the following labels in place of Full Name and Company

    First Name
    Last Name

    but it wont allow you to go through the cart because it keeps giving an error saying

    Sorry! Please enter your full name.

    If I untick the box that says validate it works. Am I doing something wrong here


    Aug 01 2017 04:55:55



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 130

    I have noticed here in Australia if you have an order come in the date is correct but the timestamp on it is 2 hrs ahead.

    Can that be altered anywhere. All I can see is where to set the country


    Aug 03 2017 11:47:57



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    In the past few months Mals-E has not been triggering the remote call page when orders are made. I have verified this with our server logs - the file is never accessed. Coincidentally (or not), this seems to have coincided with all of our orders (Paypal) coming in with a status of Unknown (and remaining unknown). Has anyone else experienced this or know of a way to get Mals-E to trigger the remote call?

    Aug 04 2017 23:22:10



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    I'm in the process of opening my store. How do I make it available to the public? Thanks

    Aug 08 2017 18:46:09



    Join date : 2017-08-08      Posts : 4

    I've been a Mals customer for 10+ years but have been putting off setting up the shipping calculator in the cart. I have a blurb in the cart stating the estimated cost of shipping but state shipping will be added once we receive the order. I always charge under the actual cost of shipping so there is no question about over charging. The reason for the delay in fixing it is each way I look at charging I can see the client will be over or under charged on orders. I don't want the cart to be abandon when it's showing an over charge and don't want to loose on the under charged. Is there anyone experienced that I can pay to see if I can find a win, win situation for my cart? I'm new to the Mals forum so I can give someone our phone number and pay with Paypal? I'm in the U.S.. My shipping calculation is going to be complex or I would have been able to do one of the simple weight or per part calculations. Please help me end this 10 year shipping nightmare. Rich

    Aug 10 2017 11:15:16



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    I am using html buy buttons with a return page set up.
    My pages uses anchors such as <a name="section2">...</a> and I am trying to configure the button to have a return attribute that incorporates the anchor so that customers can return to the relevant section of the page.

    my code includes the following:

    rtnpage = pagename+"%23"+section

    <a href="',rtnpage,....

    The intention is to submit:

    However, the return address from the basket is:
    which obviously doesnt work as the #section2 is appearing in the wrong place.

    Any ideas how to get the #section2 anchor to appear with the return page so that it can be interpreted properly by the browser?
    ..or can I stop the ?tp=CONTINUE+SHOPPING from appearing?

    Aug 13 2017 19:06:02



    Join date : 2017-08-08      Posts : 3

    I want to move my cart at my web designer's Mal's acct to a new acct I just made. But I never received the confirmation email at my AOL email address. I can log in to my acct using my acct name and PW. Does Mal's work with AOL? I don't want to move the cart until I know that my aol email will work for notifications etc.

    Aug 19 2017 07:30:03



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    Hi, I have two accounts, i.e. shopping carts. I want to renew only one cart for now.
    But under my account it is showing that i have to pay for both. Kindly help

    Aug 19 2017 16:34:16



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    I have inherited a wordpress site which uses mals in combination with Events calenar.

    It seems that the event registration is done with mal's, but I can't seem to find out exactly where to make changes.


    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank you.

    Aug 21 2017 13:12:16



    Join date : 2009-02-19      Posts : 13

    I have deleted the header image from the image library but every time I upload the new image it's the old image that gets displayed. I've made sure the image has a new name, but to no avail.

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