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    Aug 24 2017 12:45:22


    Jane Davies

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    I am trying to modify the cart account details in order to have my web address changed from http to https. The change is not being saved, and therefore the return to cart button still reads as http. I think this is causing the 'View Cart' button to show the first page of the shopping cart as insecure.

    Aug 24 2017 19:00:24



    Join date : 2013-05-01      Posts : 1

    This one has got me stumped. Two completely different orders, from two different people on different computers show the same data from a text field that they have to fill out. It is not pre-populated or a choice they can choose, they have to fill in the text field if they want to use it. Here is what I do know:

    1) The orders have completely different Shopper Id's
    2) The product ordered is exactly the same.
    3) The Invoice details are completely different EXCEPT for the IP because they work in the same building and placed there orders while in the building using it's WIFI.
    4) One of the customers said they shopped on the site but didn't complete the order right away. It was approximately 20 minutes before she completed the order.
    5) The second customer who completed her order got the first customers optional text field data instead of the text they entered.
    6) I've spoken to both customers, they claim to NOT know each other or use the same computer. If that is true, how could this have happened???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to give them an answer as to how this could have happened, I've never heard of this before....

    Aug 26 2017 23:46:55



    Join date : 2012-03-31      Posts : 3

    I am looking at how to set up to sell downloadable music files and note that in your section on this there is: ""Note: the the download system works only partially with PayPal Standard, even with their Auto-return (to the cart) system. PayPal Express checkout is the preferred option for downloads as the transaction finishes in the cart."

    As PayPal Express requires a purchaser to have his own PayPal account maybe it would be preferable to look at a different payments provider.

    Would there be any problem if using Nochex?

    Aug 28 2017 22:25:44


    Classical Cara

    Join date : 2017-08-28      Posts : 5

    Hi everyone. I have a new website store that I'm working on and never had to do shipping this way before in the shipping settings. I have no idea how to do this in the settings. Vintage jewelry is under a pound and will be shipped first class. I want that to be $2.50. Then the larger antiques will be shipped Priority flat rate in the medium box and the large box. I am discounting these two amounts so medium will be $8.50 and the large box will be $14.50. I have a couple of very large items but they will be free shipping with insurance included. How do I do all this in the shipping settings? Thank you for your help!

    Aug 29 2017 22:08:08



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    Strange problem: sometimes remote call does not send the gift voucher variable back, even though I order the exact same product. Missing are giftvouchers, giftvcode, giftvamount.If they are sent then sd field is not sent. I'm using version 2. It doesn't matter if I use a voucher or not.

    Doug D
    Smartlab Software

    Aug 31 2017 12:23:57



    Join date : 2017-08-31      Posts : 2

    I've set up my cart using the option 7 for shipping value calculated on value of order but I need 6 bands rather than the 5 available. I've upgraded to Premium but I can't see how to add and additional band - is it possible?

    Sep 04 2017 19:24:46



    Join date : 2017-09-04      Posts : 2

    I am new to this shopping card, and want to set up what I think are very simple shipping options ... Some products can ship via US mail - flat rate of $1. Others are larger and will ship UPS - flat rate of $15 for continental US, $80 for Hawaii/Alaska. (This is an oversimplification, but if I can get this, then I can tweak it.)

    I am setting up option 5, with 3 zones, named US Mail, UPS Continental US, and UPS Hawaii/Alaska. Up to 1 costs $1, $15, $80, respectively; I can tweak that for multiple items to give realistic costs for each "zone". That seems to work, but ... The cart comes up with a "select your shipping" section giving the customer the choice to choose which one? I don't want the customer to be able to choose the $1 option if the item has to ship UPS to Alaska. How do I take that out of the customer's control and control it myself? TIA

    Sep 05 2017 01:05:15



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 130

    I am using version 2 of the shopping cart and I deleted the old header image I had which was my business logo then uploaded my new logo but it still shows the old one.
    Is this a bug in the version 2 of the cart.

    Sep 09 2017 20:19:35



    Join date : 2017-09-09      Posts : 1

    The page that is supposed to email your password for your My Account id / email address appears to be broken. Entered info twice, it said it had sent the information, never received it. Created a new account to be able to post this.

    Sep 16 2017 07:48:14



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 130

    When using discountpr instead of price if you accidently forget to put the price in the field like this

    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="discountpr" VALUE="0,">

    instead of the correct way like this

    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="discountpr" VALUE="0,500">

    you don't get the error message price not set. Is there a way to have it display the error or not.


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