Third party add ons

A number of companies and individuals have developed software, scripts or services that work with the shopping cart.

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Code Snippets and Forms
Lots of HTML forms and code snippets for use with the cart. This site is managed by users, for users!


Webgility's eCC program is an Intuit Gold certified software designed to eliminate manual data entry, cut down your order processing time and reduce accounting errors. It connects your shopping cart account with QuickBooks and your shipping processors to automate your online business.

Traxian - Easy QuickBooks Integration
This is a third-party service which we have now integrated into the cart. To get started, all you need to do is go to Cart Setup, Advanced Settings, QuickBooks and check the checkbox. Then click the link on that page ( or here ) to create your Traxian account and download the Traxian Desktop software. After installing, follow the instructions in the First Time Setup Guide connect your QuickBooks file.

HTML Editors

WebPlus 10
With Serif’s WebPlus 10 anyone can create a stylish website in minutes thanks to its unique DTP style approach to web design and instantly accessible interface. Now there's absolutely no need to learn any complex programming languages - WebPlus 10 does all the work for you!
Freeway is the award winning web design application for the Macintosh, it runs on both OS 9 and OS X.

XLEcom Ecommerce Web Site Creator Program
A tool designed to let you create one or more professional looking e-commerce web sites using Microsoft Excel. Utilizes the shopping cart and it claims does not require knowledge of HTML.

NetObject fusion
The latest version of Fusion has integrated support for the shopping cart.

Selling downloads

DLGuard Download Management
DLGuard automatically creates secure, expiring download pages and download links for your customers, as well as allow you to easily manage your sales and customers. It's fully integrated with Mal's E-commerce, doesn't require any programming knowledge, and comes with quality customer support. DLGuard supports single item sales, multiple item sales, and single payment memberships and membership areas.

Linklok provides secure delivery of digital products after a transaction with Mals-e. After payment has been made by the client the remote call system calls Linklok which sends an email containing secure download links for any digital products ordered. Before sending the email Linklok verifies that it has been called by Mals-e and that the required price has been paid for each product.

Mobile e-commerce

Dualcy - Easy Mobile Cart
Dualcy - Easy Mobile Cart - is an application that brings your current website into the future of online shopping: mobile! You won't have to duplicate your products and content, you'll be able to have one admin area to control both your full and mobile shopping experiences! Dualcy - Easy Mobile Cart is currently available for the platforms using the Product Catalog Systems such as MerchantMoms, Shoppe Pro, PappaShop, etc.

Product catalog systems

Shabby Lane Shops Hosting
Shabby Lane Shops Hosting is perfect for beginners making it easy to set up your entire website with out having to know any coding. With a content management system that gives you unlimited pages, category, products, pictures and other great features, Shabby Lane Shops Hosting also offers a variety of ready made templates for your website as well as custom design services. Shabby Lane Shops Hosting gives excellent customer support and even options for marketing your website and is an official reseller of Option Cart and works exclusively with Mals-e Shopping Cart.

MaryDesigns® MDcms
At MaryDesigns® you get the best of both worlds in eCommerce! You get a custom designed great looking website so your visitors won't be hitting the back button AND the content management system you need to manage the website yourself...without knowing any HTML! User friendly and specifically built to work with Mal's eCommerce Shopping Cart. NOTE: MaryDesigns® does not sell ready made templates for our (or any other) system, we work exclusively with business owners on custom design for their websites.

MerchantMoms makes Mal's Ecommerce easy by providing the hosting and software to build your entire database driven website with out ever typing code - no more buy buttons to create! This content management system gives you unlimited pages, category, products, easy product option configuration as well as order tracking and other great features. MerchantMoms unsurpassed customer support combined with your Mal's Ecommerce cart will have you up and running smoothly.

SG is a complete package including product catalog and web site builder which allows you full control over every page on your site. Dezignspot is an official reseller of Optioncart too.

Solutions Cart
Solutions Cart was designed with the small business owner in mind! Our system integrates with Mals free shopping cart to make it easy to get a professional and affordable web site up fast!

AlohaShop is a content management and shopping system that integrates with the shopping cart to create a complete e-store builder system. It is great for beginners as it enables you to easily update the content of your site through the admin area without HTML knowledge.

Doc2shop is ecommerce authoring software that plugs into Microsoft Word. From within Microsoft Word, Doc2shop is capable of generating a highly professional and fully featured Webshop for upload to the Internet.

Pappashop takes the guesswork out of owning an online business. A good looking web site is not the only thing that holds a customer's interest. Streamline shopping equals happy customers and happy customers equal return customers! With PappaPak, adding content and products to your site is a snap. You will be editing like a pro in no time and the best part is that you do not need to know html at all!
A new website creation service designed specifically for the kart. You can make a website and integrate the shopping kart by simply watching videos and following wizards. No HTML knowledge is required to build, host and maintain a professional e-commerce website. The videos explain how to create and manage your products and even setup the kart. A clever interface allows you to configure the kart by filling out friendly forms and ticking boxes. You can take a 7 day, no-obligation trial to test it out . Highly recommended in third-party reviews.

Best Web Site Design
PHP based catalogue is easily incorporated into your existing website design, with unlimited products and categories into which they can be placed. Use your browser to control categories and products and to upload images from your hard drive.

MiaShops Store Builder is the perfect way to set up an online store. MiaShops web hosting is great for baby boutiques, dropshippers, jewelry stores, crafters, moms, dads, and everyone in between. Whether this is your first ecommerce store or you're a seasoned professional MiaShops easy ecommerce Store Builder is just what you need!

Order management

Advanced Receipts
Advanced Receipts will allow you to easily manage your orders with a simple interface. Using the remote call feature, orders will show up automatically and will be easily displayed in the system. You will be able to search for orders, print receipts, mark orders as shipped, notify your customers of shipment (including carrier information and tracking number), cancel orders and much more.

Shipping calculators

AuctionInc's Shipping Plug-in
AuctionInc's Shipping Plug-in is a hosted shipping calculator for stores that provides comparitive shipping rates for DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS both domestically (US) and internationally (originating in the US). It only requires a free shopping cart account too!