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As your site gets busier you may want to upgrade your free store to a Premium account. This has extra facilities that we haven't been able to make available within the free program because they are too resource intensive.

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Shipping integration Switch between Free and Premium

You can switch from Free to Premium and back again whenever you wish.  So you can upgrade when your site is busy and downgrade back to free if it is a quiet.  Your username never changes, that means you don't need change any of the Buy Now links on your website so the switch is painless!

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How much does it cost?

Premium costs $8.00 US per month, payable quarterly in advance.

You can pay Premium fees by credit card or PayPal. We offer a 10% discount for those who wish to pay on an annual basis, $86.40. There is a 25% discount for members who have four or more Premium accounts and pay for them via the same billing account! This means you pay just $6 per month and you can still have a 10% discount on top for annual payment...

  • Payment gateway integration

    Payment gateway integration

    Directly integrate the cart into the credit card payment gateways of PayPal Pro, Authorizenet, Linkpoint, Worldpay, Trustcommerce, Secpay and many other supported Payment Solution Providers. Click here for a list of supported payment processors...

  • Batch orders

    Batch download of orders and payments

    Batch download of orders and payments either as one page or in CSV format for import into a database or spreadsheet, makes life easier if you have a lot of orders.

  • Customize your pages

    Customise your secure cart pages

    New! Upload your own template for the cart pages and make it match the look of the rest of your website exactly!

  • Advanced Shipping

    Advanced shipping calculations

    Advanced shipping uses the same basic concept as the standard shipping methods but allows you to setup many more zones; up to twenty instead of five. Further to this, each zone can have up to six shipping options for the customer to choose from.

    The module directly integrates with the USPS, FEDEX, UPS and Australia Post rates and shipping services.

    • 20 zones instead of 5
    • 26 bands for each option instead of 5
    • Each zone can have up to 6 options for the customer to choose from
    • Different shipping options can have a different basis; calculated by value, quantity, units or a Fedex, USPS, UPS or Australia Post quote (based on weight)
    • Customers can select their zones from a list of Countries or US states or Canadian provinces

  • Restricted Admin

    Restricted admin area for your clients

    Access to a restricted version of the Admin area allows direct access, via SSL, to manage orders but excludes any of the configuration and setup options. This is perfect for website designers who are using the service for their clients.

  • Download system

    3500 extra downloadable products

    For goods delivered on the internet you can setup up to 3500 products.