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Includes the merchant account and payment gateway - everything you need to process secure online transactions.

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Merchant is capable of providing accounts to merchants based in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and can process transactions in any major currency worldwide.

The close working relationship between Merchant and Mal-s e-commerce will ensure that your store is able to be built and go live with a minimal effort and no technical problems. The merchant account application process is easy to complete, and you will be able to begin processing credit cards within 5 - 7 business days.


Reduced Processing Rates for Mal's E-commerce Customers

Merchant is offering significantly reduced rates for all Mal's E-commerce customers:

$69 setup CAD
2.95% discount rate
20 cents per transaction
$29/month CAD
No monthly minimum or statement fees

These rates are Canadian Dollars, rates for other countries may vary.

It is very important to note that the 2.95% discount rate is a true blended discount rate. This means that merchants will not be charged additional fees when processing non-qualified transactions. Non-qualified transactions occur any time a corporate or rewards credit card is used, or if a cross border transaction is processed. In plain English, this means any type of credit card with a benefit (like an airmiles card), or any time you sell to a customer located outside the country your business is based in. When non-qualified transactions occur the discount rate is increased significantly with a "non qualified" transaction charge. Non-qualified transaction charges vary by processor. With Merchant you will never be charged a non-qualified fee. This is an extremely rare benefit and is something that merchants should take note of when selecting their provider.


About Merchant

Merchant is a Canadian company based in Burlington, Ontario. By focusing on a close working relationship with each merchant, Merchant is able to help business owners get online and begin processing quickly and easily.

You will receive a dedicated account representative who will be available to help you with all issues related to the setup and integration of your merchant account. You can find out more about Merchant at


Submitting an Application

If you wish to submit a merchant account application you must contact Merchant and provide your Mal-s E-commerce account ID in order to receive the reduced rates.

Toll free: (888) 414 - 7111
Direct: +1 (905) 592-9290