mOrders is a powerful desktop application for downloading and databasing orders properly and permanently. Rather like an email client such as Outlook Express it automatically logs into Admin and picks up your latest orders. .

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We stopped development on mOrders 4 many years ago and it is now no longer supported!

With the advent of cloud computing the future is moving more and more to online apps such as our Admin area.

Download mOrders order manager (version 4) for Windows

You can download the latest versions of mOrders for Windows by clicking on these links:

There is also a Beta version of latest incarnation of mOrders Plus available which is using new download code and the latest components, please try it:

Updating from a prior version of mOrders 4

The database structure in recent versions of mOrders 4 has been changed, the program will automatically update an older database to the new structure. However the updating process is not reversible so keep a copy of you old database, just in case you need to go back to an older version.

  • Make a backup copy of your existing database.
  • Unistall mOrders 4 (From within Windows Control panel).
  • Download and install the latest version, you can skip the install wizard.
  • Copy (not move!) your old database into the default database location.
  • Start the program and enjoy!

Older versions

The structure of the database in version 4 is quite different from mOrders version 2 or 3 and there is no direct upgrade path. However, you can safely install version 4 on the same machine as version 2 or 3.

If you are already using an older version of mOrders and would like to check the version then look in the About section of the program.

Version 3 and 4 share the same registration mechanism. In other words you can use the same registration key for both programs

The Mac version is in permanent Beta now! Development has stopped on it so it is free.


mOrders version 3 and 4 use exactly the same registration system, if you have paid for a registration key for version 3 then you can use it in version 4 too. If you loose your registration key then please email me with your username.



ReportBuilder is a third party component built into mOrders Plus version. You can download detailed documentation for it from the developers:

Learning ReportBulider

We gave up on providing documentation for mOrders itself because it was clear no-one ever read it! But if you are going to be the exception to that rule then you can download the Help that came with version 1 from:

mOrders.chm - 295k

You will also find a Help file in the installation directory with the program but unfortuantely more recent versions of Windows don't support the format. It will probably only work on Win XP.

System requirements - version 4.20 or later

  • MS Windows 7, Vista, MAC
  • 500Mb Ram or more
  • 1024 x 768 min screen resolution
  • 40Mb Hard disk space


Report templates

Report templates can be saved as a simple text file. Several users have suggested that it would save a lot of time if people could exchange/use other users templates. If you would like to contribute a template then attach it to an email and send it to us at Please include a Name for it and a brief Description of what it does.

Templates available at the moment are in zip archives:

Name Description By
Invoice Invoice report that comes with mOrders Mal Stewart
Summary Summary report that comes with mOrders Mal Stewart
List orders List orders report that comes with mOrders Mal Stewart
Pick list Picking list of items to ship Garry
Invoice Just a good invoice with cc info Tommy Schmidt
Export Items Export items, the products ordered Mal Stewart
Invoice/packing slip Invoice with a packing slip to tear off Kathy Smith


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