mTracker affiliate programs

One of the best ways to increase sales is to recruit other websites, affiliates, to send you customers.

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What it does

The purpose of mTracker is to provide the basic functionality required to log click-throughs from those websites by potential customers and then register their order. Affiliate commissions are calculated automatically.

How it works

First off, it's your job to recruit the affiliates. You send them to a special Join-up page where they create their new account. This gives the affiliate access to a simple Admin area where they can view statistics of their click-throughs and the commissions they have earned. They can also view the code for any buttons, banners or text links that you wish them to use.

Before an affiliate can start to earn commission, you have the opportunity to vet them first. If you approve, then you can make their program "Active".

Tracking is done by cookies. You can choose how long the cookie remains available in the customer's browser. Any purchase a customer makes after the cookie has expired will not be registered. All transactions may be edited manually before you allocate the commission.

Third-party affiliate programs

The main difference between mTracker and program third-party programs is that they recruit the affiliates for you. This is a major part of the work! They also make all the arrangements to pay them. In other words, even though mTracker will record and calculate the monthly commissions earned by affiliates, it's still your job to actually cut the checks and put them in the post...

You can also add many other third-party programs by pasting their tracking code into the cart setup.