Detailed examples showing you how to setup a shopping cart. Make sure you check the FAQs, your question has probably been answered before.

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Our experience with Netobject Fusion is a bit limited! If you need general help with using this editor then there is a good support site at:

There are also a couple of very good tutorials on the support site:

Below are some notes we've written that specifically relate to using Netobjects with the cart. They also serve as an introduction but really you should look at the rest of the documentation on this site too. That's particularly true when it comes to setting up Shipping or Tax calculations. Anyway...


Getting started

When you select the Mal's-E store engine you should see a screen like this. If you haven't got an account already then you can use the button on that page to come to this site and do so.

After sign-up you will receive a Welcome e-mail. Nothing in that e-mail trivial! It contains important information about your account, how the service works and how to use it. We recommend very strongly that you read every single word of it. It also has your username and password which you can enter into Netobjects.

To be honest we can't think of any reason why you would ever need to enter your password into Netobjects but there you go, the box is there....


Customizing netobjects

Assuming you know how to use Netobjects (don't ask me!) you will find that you soon have a perfectly working catalog with Buy Now buttons linking to your shopping cart account here. Basically it works very well straight out of the box provided you have a recently setup account. That's because it creates links to which is only one of my servers. If you have an account which has been setup on a different server you will want to edit this. You may also want to edit some of the other values in the buttons.

In Netobjects you need to go to the Store page in the E-commerce Catalog Properties Editor. If you click on the button Customize URLs... button you will see:

The text in the box is:


We've highlighted the hostname which you may need to change. It says in your Welcome e-mail which server you have been setup on.

Now, we would recommend you consider editing the above lot down to:


which creates a basic Buy Now button which won't conflict with any other options in the cart setup.


Stock codes SKU

If you want to push the SKU/Stock code into the begining product's description in the cart then replace:





Sales Tax

If you want to post in a tax value with each product then you will need to add back in the line:<%product.salesTax%>


Shipping calculations

The cart has a number of mechanisms for doing shipping calculations many of which require no information at all. For example if shipping is based on the number of items in the cart. But for those situations where shipping needs to be on a per product basis then it will always be based on the value in the field named units. For example if you use the Weight value from Netobjects then you would add (calculate using option 3, 5 or 7 in the cart setup):


or if you want to use the Shipping Cost value from Netobjects (option 3 shipping in the cart setup with the rate per units set 1):


You will see that the default button created by Netobjects posts in shipping in a field named shipping but that's really wrong. The shipping field is rarely used and is for where you are posting in the total cost of shipping for the whole order, not the cost for just that particular product. It's not an uncommon mistake, it's name has a mesmerizing effect!


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