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Voucher alias - how does it know expire date?

    Oct 15 2008 18:54:23



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    I understand how the voucher code includes the expiration date for the voucher, but if you give the customer an alias instead of the code, how does the cart know when to kill the voucher?

    Can I have one alias for a voucher that expires this month and another alias for a discount that expires next month? If so, how is it done?

    I am confused on how the alias is tied to the voucher code, when I haven't even entered a voucher code. Without the code, what does the cart use for an expiration date?

    I am guessing that if I use an alias, the voucher is active until I remove it.

    I am guessing that if I want a specific expiration date I cannot use an alias.

    How am I doing, folks? Am I close?