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Re:Google Checkout

    Oct 16 2008 14:57:50


    Mal Stewart

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    The word in the industry is that Google checkout may be shelved after Xmas. We know it is loosing a lot of money for them but obviously it would be a tough call to close it now. I guess it's really a question of how much their profits are being squeezed by recession vis how much it would effect their share price to pull the plug.

    So far they have shelved plans to take Checkout beyond the US and the UK and they recently scaled back (sacked) their UK staff. They only had about 500 merchants in the UK though so it has been a really big flop there. I've not heard any numbers for the US though.

    I think the wise thing to do is wait and see.

    It is a shame though, it wouldn't be a bad thing if PayPal had a bit of real competition. It worried them for a bit. But mention Google to a senior PayPal exec these days and they just laugh.


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