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PayPal Fraud Protection

    Oct 16 2008 22:43:37



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    Congrats on the new website and forum. I haven't been here in awhile. One of my clients who uses Mals got an email from PayPal saying she needs to have her web developer or cart provider update her PayPal integration in order for the new fraud protection filters to work properly.
    To get started, visit:

    She has a very small level of activity. I have no idea what's required here or if it's necessary. Has anyone else dealt with this yet?


    Oct 17 2008 14:20:00



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    Well...I would've just deleted this post but I couldn't find a way to do it. After a lot of research what I discovered is...there is no free fraud protection service. Here’s a link to the fee structure but it is entirely optional and I seriously doubt this client will need it OR want to pay for it…

    The cheapest option is $30 setup and @20/month and five cents per transaction.

    Oct 20 2008 10:42:13


    Mal Stewart

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    Yes, it is a PayPal Pro feature. I don't really know why they are emailing people now, they aren't making it available until Feb next year. I will make the changs after Xmas, there isn't much to it.


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