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Having troubles with moneybookers processing.....

    Apr 07 2010 00:46:39



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    Hoping someone can perhaps shed some light here for me....

    I'm located in the USA and have my first site up and running. Mal's for the shopping cart and Moneybookers for the credit card processing. I chose moneybookers due to the discount associated with the Mal's shopping cart.

    Moneybookers rejects/declines MANY of my orders people are trying to place with our site. I'm not sure as to why and when I call Moneybookers customer support (USA office) they are not any help in explaining why. (when and if I can even get a hold of anyone there)

    I'm rather new at this, but can anyone tell me their experiences with moneybookers and why this is happening?

    Can you make some suggestions on who else I should consider using for the credit card processing?

    Thank you everyone.

    Best regards,


    Apr 07 2010 01:43:59


    Cristi Peterson

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    We use and it works great.

    Apr 07 2010 01:47:20


    David H

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    i also use and had it up and running in under an hour during my switch from paypal web standard. its great.