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Logo not appearing in shopping cart.....

    Apr 10 2010 21:53:26



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    I have no problem with my site logo appearing within the shopping cart portion of my site/ Mal's when using any browser.
    But when when you click on the "go to payments" button, it doesn't display within the HTTPS:// portion of the shopping cart using Internet Explorer. AND When using Firefox, the logo appears, BUT I get an exclamation point (!) over the little lock that's within the lower-right portion of the Firefox browser.

    In the Header box of the Customize Section--Premium Here's what I have for code:

    <div align="center"><img src=""; alt="Air tools for less logo" width="510" height="100" /></a></div>
    <center> {th} {hs}

    Anyone make some suggestions?

    Best regards,


    Apr 10 2010 21:58:12



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    Actually, my code has http://

    Not https://

    Apr 10 2010 22:07:23



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    as far as i know, you can't put your own 'unsecure' images on the 'secure' pages. kinda defeats the purpose of a secure page.

    Apr 10 2010 22:32:07



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    I've noticed that the shopping cart portion, where you enter your shipping information on ww4. is now https:// whereas others, such as ww5 are not yet within the https:// site area, just

    Apr 10 2010 23:55:32


    Debbie Q

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    If you want to put an image on a secure page it has to be hosted securly. If your image code is http:// it is not secure.

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    Apr 10 2010 23:57:22



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    I'm guessing Mal must have changed something after the DDOS attack. If you have your logo image hosted on a secure site, that might fix it; You can get an image hosted free @

    Apr 12 2010 03:05:24



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    Thank to all that replied.

    Neil, a BIG THANK YOU for the suggestion/ link. Much appreciated.