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noship and no coupon code for specific items (with forms)?

    Apr 26 2010 14:16:30



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    heyooooo! i've got a couple of questions regarding exemption from shipping and coupon codes, when using forms.

    for specific items, i'd like to NOT charge shipping, and NOT allow coupon codes, or not have coupon codes work for that specific item.

    i'm under the impression that the noship option on input type will not charge shipping for that particular item, but will it work in conjunction with option 7?

    in addition, as previously stated, i'd like to not allow a coupon code to work on certain items. so, if they buy Item 1 and Item 2, but i don't want a coupon code to work on Item 2, i'd only like them to get the discount for Item 1 when they enter a coupon code. i only have a few items that i do NOT want coupon codes to work for, most are coupon-eligible. hopefully that makes sense.

    any insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

    Apr 26 2010 14:21:50


    Debbie Q

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    You cannot make certain items exempt from vouchers and discounts.

    There are several ways to make an item not be charged shipping. It depends on your shipping setup. You can check out this page to learn more.

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    Apr 26 2010 14:36:00



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    like i said, i'm on option 7 with shipping. regarding that, should i presume it's then:

    <input type="hidden" name="noship" value="1">