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Re:Arggghhh. two carts with same shiping settings acting different

    Oct 23 2008 16:38:11



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    I don't use units in either carts buttons.

    When I test both carts, and get to totals that fall in the different bands one cart works correctly and the other does not, although the settings are same in both carts. Additionally, I have one item in each store that does not have a shipping fee so I use noship=1 on the order page and it works in the correctly in the functioning cart and does not in the one that is already giving me trouble.

    I'll play with units and see what happens but both sites buy now buttons are without it, one cart works correctly and the other with the same code and settings does not. I would think they would act consistently.

    I know it is something obvious so I will try the units thing and hopefully that will get me in the right direction. Thanks.