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Is there a Product ID field? (seperate from the Product field) ?

    Oct 23 2008 18:27:29



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    I've seen mention of a Product ID (like an item code) field but don't see it in the instructions (list of fields).

    Is there something like that?

    I'd like to have a product name and a product ID (Tennis Balls, #1254), etc.

    Oct 23 2008 19:41:43



    Join date : 2008-10-20      Posts : 14

    Found it myself:

    scode field (SKU Code):
    <input name="scode" type="hidden" value="StockCode"></input>

    Does not show up in the order itself, but visible in mOrders (and, I assume, on the Mals website).

    Oct 23 2008 19:59:45



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    It shows up on the order notification email as well.


    Oct 23 2008 21:53:35



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    I use this method,

    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="product" VALUE="SW64 - Analogue Stop Watch">

    This Product now shows up in your cart as :- SW64 - Analogue Stop Watch.

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