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New Mastercard and Discover debit/gift/prepaid requirements

    Apr 28 2010 01:12:11



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    Mastercard and Discover are going to be requiring merchants to be able to process partial approval, authorization reversal and balance response for prepaid, debit card and gift cards. Apparently, shopping carts will need to be brought into compliance, and it sounds like merchants will receive fines for using a non-compliant cart. For more information, please check out:

    Does anyone know what changes, if any, Mals shopping cart users will need to make to remain in compliance? I'm guessing this is going to create a lot of extra work for Mal! It sounds like an annoyingly non-trivial task to undertake. :-(

    I just found out about this via an e-mail from, which is my payment gateway for my Mals cart. I haven't seen this mentioned yet by Mal, but perhaps it is too early. If anyone has any information about how this will affect us, I'd be interested to hear it.



    Apr 28 2010 01:19:33



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    Visa/ MC gift cards are terrible. They cost to buy, they cost to accept.

    Just give out cash.

    Sorry, to post that, I sure hope this will be a smooth transition.

    Apr 28 2010 10:28:05



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    if anyone can explain in simple terms what is being asked by mastercard/visa, i'd love to know. I've read through that email several times but I'm none the wiser?

    does it affect merchants who manually process all their card transactions using virtual terminal for example?

    Apr 28 2010 19:49:35


    Sandi Myers

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    I too, received my email from today informing me about these new regulations - I'll be interested to hear how this is going to be handled in the Mals shopping cart.

    May 11 2011 17:03:36


    Jon LaRosa

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    Just wanted to follow up on this post, as the deadline from is approaching. Has anyone else dealt with this? Here is the info from

    Anyone know if mals-e users need to do anything to remain in compliance?

    Jon LaRosa

    May 11 2011 17:18:54


    Mal Stewart

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    Hi Jon,

    If you read those FAQs carefuly you will see that they have been updated because MC/Discover backed away from this in the end:

    "UPDATE: E-commerce merchants are now only required to provide support for authorization reversals."

    I wasn't surprised, it was pretty onerous stuff.

    Reversals would only be an issue if you were using Authorize only, most merchants Authorize and Capture. In that case you should reverse the transaction in your Authorizenet account if you didn't want to capture the payment and proceed with shipping the goods. It lets the person use their balance for something else.


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