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Is it possible to apply an Option value productpr to the *end* of a product name?

    Oct 23 2008 18:37:48



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    When you use productpr (product:price) Mal's cart takes the "product" name and *prefixes* it to any "product" variable you've declared:

    so if I have:

    name=product value="Aphasia Tutor" and

    It shows up at:

    Deluxe Aphasia Tutor $100, which is a little confusing to customers.

    Any way to have the cart put the productpr description at the END of the existing product description?


    We have Home/Deluxe/Pro versions of the software we sell.

    I've got a drop down with a productpr (name:price).

    I have a ":" in the name so I can't just put the full name (AphasiaTutor 1: Words (Deluxe):$50) because that colon will mess thigns up.

    <select name="productpr">
    <option value="HOME version of :99.50"> HOME $99.00 </option>
    <option value="DELUXE version of :129.5"> DELUXE $129.50 </option>