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Re:Separate shipping prices for US and International

    Apr 28 2010 21:21:28


    Gil Sery

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    Alan said They will be on the website of whatever service you use.

    I think what umeree means is "Where in the Cart Setup do I create different rates for US and International?"

    I'm struggling with that problem myself. I want to offer 3 UPS, 3 USPS and 3 FedEx options for US shipping (and then a similar number of options for International shipping), but one zone can only accommodate 6 options. If I divide the zones by service (i.e. Zone 1 = UPS - US, Zone 2 = USPS - US and Zone 3 = FedEx - US), then how do I reconcile the list of countries with these zones because I have three zones using one country.

    Essentially what I'm asking is if it is possible to set up advanced shipping in such a way that I can use one country in more than one zone. Since there are 14 regions and 20 zones, I'm assuming it is possible, but I just can't see how.

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get with this.