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mOrders e mail

    May 11 2010 14:25:04


    Ian S

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    We've been using mOrders for a year now and although on the whole it's made our life much easier with regard to printing invoices and packing notes etc, we've never been able to get anywhere with the e mail system that's built into it.

    We'd really like to be able to send out despatch notifications direct from mOrders but If we try to send an e mail the program crashes every time (though the e mail does get sent). Has anyone else had this problem and figured out why it happnes?

    Also, how do you create custom template for the e mail system?

    Any help appreciated - the 'help' files are useless.



    May 11 2010 23:24:41



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    Don't know anything about the crashing problem. I'd try temporarily turning off your firewall and AV to see if that makes a difference.

    For email templates:
    1) Create your templates under \program files\Mals e-commerce\morders4\email (use built-in templates as a guide)
    2) In morders preferences go to the Lists tab and name the email templates you created
    3) In morders preferences go to the Automated Email tab and map your order status changes to email template names

    May 12 2010 16:23:05


    Ian S

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    Thanks for your reply.

    With the Av etc turned off, the program crashes every time.

    Is it necessary to have an e mail program such as Outlook running at the same time as mOrders, or are the emails sent entirely from within the mOrders program?

    If we install mOrders on another computer, if this downloads orders from the server, will this stop those same orders being downloaded to our main PC later?
    If it doesn't then we could try using different PC and see if it's a PC problem or a problem with our router etc.

    Thanks for any help


    May 13 2010 12:18:17



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    mOrders sends its own emails.

    Orders will download to multiple PCs. The only issue with 2 PCs is order status updates made in mOrders.

    May 14 2010 22:42:36


    Ian S

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 155

    thanks for your reply.

    We installed mOrder on a laptop and this doesn't crash when sending e mails so not sure whats going on with our main PC.

    Having lots of problems editing the email templates though - when we change a template (we seem to have to use a HTML editor - Frontpage in our case), it doesnt work - the main body of the e mail is blank. Have only made very minor changes so can't work out whats wrong.