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Re:Changing "Add Shipping" Button

    May 11 2010 17:55:17


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    Alan said If your shipping setup uses units values, for example standard shipping options 3, 5, or 7 without the units=price box checked, and there is no fixed charge and the units total is 0, then the calculation is bypassed.

    Otherwise it is automatically done before the customer can checkout.

    Thanks, Alan. I pretty much just rely on the UPS and USPS shipping calculators, along with a flat rate charge for some international options.

    I found out that in my present configuration that the shipping cannot be bypassed, but since I've replaced pretty much all the other form buttons with image buttons, I was wondering if I could replace that one as well. It looks odd to have that be the only form button on the page.

    Also, in a somewhat related issue (so I'm not sure whether or not to start a new topic for it or not), I uploaded an image file to replace the "Submit Order" form button with an image button. While the other 4 buttons that I replaced with images (Go To Payments, Recalculate, Continue, and Continue Shopping) work correctly, the "Submit Order" form button (which actually says "ORDER NOW") still appears instead of the image button.

    I checked that the file is spelled correctly and uploaded correctly in the same folder as the other buttons, but for some reason this image button does not work correctly. Any idea why?

    Thanks very much.