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Re:Changing "Add Shipping" Button

    May 14 2010 20:23:48


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    delfox said HI Gil,

    Could you show your code?


    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Considering that I'm using the {shopping_cart} tag in my own customized template, it's not really "my" code, because I have no control over it. That's what's so frustrating.

    Here's a pic of what my shopping cart looks like:

    Add Shipping button

    Order Now button

    Right now, I don't have the code for any of buttons set up, so I'm using the site's test product. I don't think this is a problem because I don't have a regular online store, I just have a bunch of "Buy Now" buttons on different pages of my website. So whether I use my actual product or a test product makes no difference to me for testing purposes.

    Any help in figuring out how to change these buttons to image buttons would be greatly appreciated.