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Re:Changing "Add Shipping" Button

    May 14 2010 22:10:29


    Gil Sery

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    delfox said I guess I do not fully understand your question Gil.

    Which makes the feeling mutual, because I don't understand how you customized your cart.

    What I did is the following:

    In my Admin account, under Cart Setup, on the right-hand side is a section called "Customize". The last link in this section is called "Templates". I checked the "Use your own templates" box.

    I then proceeded to create my page and add my template. According to the "Using templates" blurb, on the right side of the page, I need to use the special {shopping_cart} string to identify where in my template I would like the cart to go.

    I did this, but did not add any other HTML to the cart, and what I showed you in the picture is what I got. As I mentioned before, I have yet to do the button HTML code, and have been using the test product from Mal's cart, but I don't see why that would change with the use of a different product.