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Shipping Sporadically Does Not Work

    May 23 2010 16:47:25



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    We have a mysterious shipping glitch.

    We are using the 'advanced shipping' and USPS calculator. When it was initially setup, it worked beautifully --- customers enter their zip code and state, click select shipping, then choose their shipping "speed" and the cart added the shipping charge to their order.

    Lately -- after entering your zip code and state and click "select shipping" -- nothing happens. The cart does not take you to where you choose your USPS shipping speed. However, if I log into our Mals account and click "view your cart" -- it works from there!!?? All our setting are correct, we haven't changed anything and I double checked that nothing inadvertently got changed.

    Why is the shipping calculator behaving this way and what can we do? We have had a mysterious drop in sales in conjunction, not sure if it has to do with this or just a coincidence. Thanks for any help!

    May 23 2010 16:58:05



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    No idea. I'd ask Mal if anything has changed for your server.

    Some shipping help documents are available at