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Shipping, all items free freight except for two

    Nov 02 2008 11:05:11



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    I've set up my site for Free Shipping (hey, it was the easiest option!) but now I've got 2 items where I want to charge shipping. Each will be a fixed cost but each will have it's own amount.)
    The only way I can see to do this is to have 2 seperate carts, my existing one set to 'freight free' and a new one where I can set the freight for the 2 new objects.
    Will this work? Can I have two carts on the one website?
    Is there a better way?

    Nov 02 2008 17:27:49



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    I have a similiar problem.
    However in my case, all items are free shipping.
    Now we are adding items, gift cards, that require a flat 5.00 fee per order no matter how many gift cards they order.

    I have spent days now reading all helps, posts, anything I can find and cant get the answer.
    I hope this does not break the rules but I am at the point where I am willing to pay someone to help get this to work.