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Re:Edit the look and feel of the cart

    Jul 09 2010 08:54:15


    Gil Sery

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    Alan said You say 'I wrote' Gil but I was just quoting the support information Jeremy hadn't seen. I haven't tried this.

    First, Alan, thanks for replying. What I meant was that I was referring to the part that you quoted.

    It appears that you plug the cart into your web page, but changes within the cart are as before.

    I am new to Mal's. I don't know what "as before" is. Can you please elaborate?

    Were you wanting to change the text or the appearance?
    I am trying to change the appearance. For example, how do I get my page to look more like Gerald's? His "add to cart" page looks a lot more organic, and doesn't have that tiny "Add Shipping" button and doesn't have the "Add state for tax purposes" line. The way the shipping section of my cart looks at the moment I think would confuse a lot of customers, so I want to simplify it.

    Thanks for any help I can get with this.