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Re:Changing "Add Shipping" Button

    Jul 13 2010 21:39:28


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    Rob Grummitt said Gil,

    I have exactly the same thing, just those two buttons aren't registering as the images I have uploaded to Mal's.

    Thank you very much for posting that, Rob. It reinforces my suspicion that this is a bug in the cart itself.

    I have noticed that when uploading an image to the image library, once the image has been uploaded, that particular button type (e.g. Continue Shopping) is removed from the "Use of image" drop down list.

    However, Add Shipping is NEVER removed from the "Use of image" drop down list -- even if one has already uploaded an image. The only time it is removed from the list is if all the possible image uses that could be uploaded have already been uploaded, and there is no drop down list to display.

    Also, it stands to reason that if one deletes the "Add Shipping" image, the "Add Shipping" option should reappear in the "Use of image" drop down list, but it doesn't. Instead, "Background image" reappears in the drop down list.

    This leads me to think that the functions for some of the image uses may be confused in the cart code.