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Button code dilema and product exempt from shipping rules

    Nov 04 2008 11:47:39



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    I'm asking for advice on the best way to go about the following:

    I have a client who sells storage heaters with and without installation.

    There is a content management system in place and therefore a set template is used to add every product. This means my client doesn't have the flexibility to alter the button code for each product - it's set within the template.

    I don't particularly want two separate button codes (one for 'with installation' and one for 'without') in the template.

    If a customer wants to order a heater with installation, I was hoping there was some way of having this as an option (say a tick box) in the shopping cart when they get to the initial summary page. I'd use the 'Additional Instructions box except for the need to calculate a price for the installation.

    Does anyone have any ideas how best to get around this problem please?

    My other dilema, assuming I get round the above problem is that of shipping. If I set up shipping as to regards the total cost, I wouldn't want to have the installation bit incur a shipping cost. Is there a way that a particular 'product' can be exempt from the cart's shipping rules? This particular code could possibly be hard-coded by me if needs be.

    Nov 05 2008 09:14:18


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    You can find advice on shipping including free shipping at

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 05 2008 16:54:57



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    Thank you for the link. I've managed to solve the shipping issue now.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on my other predicament please?