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Mixing taxable items with non-taxable items. Shipping Question, too.

    Jul 21 2010 15:32:08



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    Any input deeply appreciated.

    Here is what I'm dealing with -

    1) Donations that get no tax, no shipping.

    2) Books for sale that require tax in NY state only, and shipping costs to US or Canada - and the shipping is taxable in NY.

    What do I choose for shipping & taxation to make it work?

    Do I then add "noship=1" and "tax=0" to the donation form?

    I know I know this, but my brain just isn't making the connection for some reason. :-/

    Jul 21 2010 16:28:38



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    You might try

    Tax basis - buy now links
    Shipping is taxable

    then tax option 3, making NY your first shipping zone.
    Then add tax to each product definition with the NY value (tax1 etc., if using addmulti.cfm).

    Unless you find a way of specifying a blanket rate and somehow excluding donations.

    To have 'free shipping' for donations, see the link below. It depends on your shipping basis.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Jul 21 2010 16:57:24



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    I've been playing around with it with a free cart and I think what you're saying will work.

    Thanks Alan!