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Re:Iframes and cart height help

    Jul 21 2010 21:12:54


    Gil Sery

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    Amber said Anyone?

    I was able to add an item and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The problem is that you have no buttons on the bottom of the page. I assume they are in the part of your middle iframe that is "cut off".

    Perhaps, no one has helped you yet, because you didn't post your code. It's a little hard to help if we don't know what we're dealing with.

    Frames, as a general rule (IMO), suck. It's hard to find the source code for them by one's self because each frame has its own source code.

    I managed to find your source code, after some digging.

    It seems that your HTML is incorrect. To create a button, you need to use <"input type="submit" value="[whatever you want printed on the button]">.

    You have <input type="hidden" name="action">. Since the type="hidden", are your surprised it's not showing up? I also think you are confusing "name="action" for type="submit".

    Try fixing that and see if your buttons appear.

    Also, to eliminate the horizontal scrollbar, make your page width smaller.