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Re:Shipping Options

    Jul 27 2010 18:34:14


    Gil Sery

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    You haven't given us much to go on regarding your situation. For example, do you have a free or premium cart? Do you use simple or Advanced Shipping? Are you based within the US or somewhere else?

    The way I do this is through the Advanced Shipping option (which requires a Premium cart). I am based within the US, so North America is my Home region. That means I have separate options for United States and Canada. Unfortunately for me, Mexico is lumped together with a bunch of other central and latin american countries, so I cannot have a separate shipping option for Mexico, the way I do for Canada.

    Thus, I have three shipping zones: USA, Canada, and International. Within each zone, I can offer up to 6 shipping options. (I use 3 UPS & 3 USPS, and 0 FedEx, but you can offer any combination of 6 services that you want.)

    So, I offer 1 option for national shipping and 2 options for International shipping.

    However, if you don't have a Premium cart, and do not have access to
    Advanced Shipping, the above won't help you, even with the lack of jargon.