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Re:Incorporating UPS Shipping Calculator

    Jul 27 2010 19:52:35


    Gil Sery

    Join date : 2010-04-27      Posts : 141

    In order to get the UPS function to work in Mals, there are several things you need:

    1) A Premium Mals account
    2) The Advanced Shipping option must be checked in the Global Settings page (Tax & Shipping > Advanced Shipping > Global Settings)
    3) You must be registered with UPS and have an end user XML access key, and enter this info into the UPS "setup rates" section in the bottom right of the Global Settings page.
    4) The only HTML you need to use UPS shipping is the "units=" field in each product code that you want to ship via UPS. The "units=" field should be the weight of the product that you want to ship.

    With all 4 things done, you should be able to use UPS to determine shipping cost.