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Selling downloads using DLGuard and addmulti.cfm script

    Aug 02 2010 16:49:49



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    I have 4 purchasing options per product page using check boxes, so a customer selects the check boxes and then clicks the 'add items to cart' button and all the products get sent to the cart. It works great on Mal's side but I just can't figure out how to get DLGuard to recognize the products using the addmulti.cfm script so it'll send the download links after purchase.

    Here it is on my test site:

    So for example the first product, basic license, the raw buy code from DLGuard for that product is

    Where would I put that url in the purchasing page code?

    I inputted my hash secret in dlguard options but I had to generate individual hash codes for each product, am I doing it wrong?


    Aug 02 2010 17:58:08


    Debbie Q

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    I never used DLguard but the syntax for the productpr field is Description:Price:Units:Scode:Hash So try...

    <input type="checkbox" name="productpr2" value="Premium-In Love HOOK:0.01:0:0:c1bbd25eab178d8c736075d3b1f83003">

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    Aug 02 2010 18:53:04



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    Ok, think I got it now. I had to put the scode as 2C2, because that was the product id for the product created in dlguard. So the link is:

    <input type="checkbox" name="productpr2" value="Premium-In Love HOOK:0.01:0:2C2:c1bbd25eab178d8c736075d3b1f83003"><strong>$0.01 - Premium License</strong>

    Only problem now is if you buy say "Basic-In Love HOOK" by itself, it shows up as "Premium-In Love HOOK" on the download page, but in the e-mail dlguard sends it shows the correct product. I guess that's a problem with the dlguard software the owner will need to figure out.

    Thanks for that link Deb, got me going in the right direction.

    Aug 02 2010 19:01:45



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    Nevermind, it's fully working now.

    I had to put the product number 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of 2C1, 2C2, 2C3, 2C4.