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mOrders will not set up account

    Nov 05 2008 23:09:41



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    I am trying mOrders with a cart that works perfectly (thanks for that!). I had QB downloader last year but it no longer intergrates. Possibly because of an upgrade to QB 2008 Pro. There seems to be zero support for it here. Tried to use Traxion to sync directly with PayPal but even at this late date, they have yet to make it run on Vista (which i wouldn't trade for the world ;). That does not inspire confidence. So mOrders is the default. I downloaded the free trial and Mal duly sent the key code w/ instructions to open mOrders, help>register, paste code. Paste where??? mOrders help just comes tto this site with no option to register. That's issue #1. #2 is that when I try to download orders I'm told that i'm using an invalid 'payments password'. The pp came preloaded on installation of mOrders as a string of asterisks. So question; what's my 'payments password' and where do I find it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????