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    Sep 02 2008 14:14:56


    Debbie Q

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    OK the previous answer was cut short. Here is the rest.

    For forms it would look like

    The above example means:
    if they order 3 or less the price is $9.99,
    if they order up to 4 more (i.e. 7), the price is $8.99,
    if they order more than 3 + 4, the price is $6.99.

    The last range always means "more than". It is set to 0 in the example above but in fact what you enter is simply ignored.

    Taken from Mal's suport page. - Quanitity discounts

    You might want to offer a discount on a product as people buy more of it. To do this, instead of a single price, you pass in an array of price points in a field called discountpr.The syntax for the field is a little complicated at first glance.

    You can have an unlimited number of prices points, each one is separated by a comma. Each price point has a range and a price for the product, separated by a colon.


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