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    Aug 19 2010 21:20:36


    Gil Sery

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    Tony G said I think mine is secure already where they enter their name, but not when they 1st go to the cart. Would an ssl certificate make that Mal's cart page secure along with my whole site?
    Thanks for your feedback!


    Tony, if you look at the URL when your customers first arrive at your cart, you'll see it's no longer your domain name. It now starts with http://ww<server number here>

    That means that you are no longer on a domain that is owned by you, so you cannot get a SSL certificate for this domain, because you don't own it.

    The earliest you can make the shopping cart secure is Step 2 (entering name and address), and really, aside from their zipcode, the customer is not entering any personal information in Step 1, so there really is no need for it.

    That said, while there may be "no technical reason" to make the shopping cart secure at Step 2, I still do it to give the customer a feeling of reassurance. You want the customer to feel as safe and secure as possible, as soon as possible -- for all the reasons you already stated, which is why I HIGHLY recommend you (and anyone else) use SSL for Step 2 using the steps Debbie mentioned above if you have not already done so.

    I run several informational websites (well, they used to be informational sites for many years; I only added a shopping cart recently), and I still had SSL certificates for my Contact Us pages, just so that those wanting to potentially do business with me would feel secure in contacting me.

    The way I, as a customer, see it is as follows: If a business does not care enough to encrypt my personal information, how can I trust them with my credit card information?

    I hope this helps.